First Fantasy Campaign

Way, way back, lost in the mists of time, there was a single shop, on Dalling Road in Hammersmith, called Games Workshop.  Opened in April 1978, it became something of a sacred site for roleplayers, not least because it stocked a range of roleplaying publications imported from the USA.  I was a frequent visitor for a couple of years, and a fan of Judges Guild material like Dave Arneson’s The First Fantasy Campaign – one of my earliest RPG purchases, and subsequently the setting for my own first attempt at running a Dungeons & Dragons campaign.

As it happens, I’ve recently been sorting through boxes of old gaming stuff.  Some of it very old indeed.  I’ll probably blog about a few items that have turned up again – there are various games and past campaigns I am thinking of resurrecting from their dusty tombs in due course – but The First Fantasy Campaign is among them, so here it is, given the dubious honour of being the subject of my first post here.

I have no plans to roleplay in Blackmoor anytime soon.  But the map…I like the map…

Blackmoor map


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