Adding to the queue

EIW light horse art001

I’ve been working on a box of these guys, and they’ve rolled off the assembly line this morning.

I should explain that I have a so-called “system” in which the process for miniatures and models I’m working on is divided into four stages.  First comes the inevitable metal-and-plastic mountain, including the stuff I’ve acquired but then forgotten why I acquired it in the first place, items bought on impulse at bring-and-buy sales and boot fairs, the sad reminders of over-ambitious projects I abandoned, and so on.  Then follows the assembly line, the stage at which I am busily sticking all the bits together.  Then undercoating.  And at last there is the painting queue.  Which is long.  Very, very long.

These Light Cavalry miniatures are as you’d expect from Perry Miniatures, in other words they are excellent.  They are also multi-part, which means time spent sticking heads and arms to torsos, weapons to hands, small items to one’s own fingers, etc; but also means they can be used for all sorts of options out of the box.  I’ve made mine as Italian light horse, and in due course they’ll participate in my projected “imagi-nations” (I believe a hat tip is owed to Henry Hyde for coming up with that term, incidentally) campaign involving the fictional city states of Metuso and Venola, which I’ll no doubt write about at length in future blog posts.

There’s a by-product of multi-part figures as well, which is an increasingly well-stocked spares box.  I have a container filled with heads, arms, swords and scabbards, longbows and crossbows, all sorts of odds and ends of anatomy, weaponry and baggage.  The Light Cavalry box has added quite significantly to it, as I’d estimate about half the parts on the sprues weren’t needed for my lance-armed light horse on this occasion.  There’s something peculiarly satisfying about having an overflowing spares box.  But what to do with it all?  Honestly, I’m flummoxed.


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