Gilberto Baldini

I did mention that I might start up a “Who’s Who in Italo” series of posts, as I create characters for the Italo campaign.  And here, indeed, is the first of them.  This has potential to be a long series…The year in which said campaign begins, by the way, is 1470 – in case anyone is interested enough to figure out these characters’ ages.

It’s a shame that I have no skill whatsoever when it comes to portraiture, as there could be extra time-consuming pleasures in drawing illustrations of each character.  I’m tempted to invent a coat-of-arms for each family, though!


GILBERTO BALDINI, b.1406. Count of Giotta. Gilberto is a man of generally happy disposition, and was known throughout the Italic Peninsula in his younger days for his good looks and for his intelligence. Since the death of his wife, twenty years ago (in 1450), it is widely believed that he has had many lovers, both female and male, but that they have been discarded ruthlessly – some, allegedly, even murdered – one after another, as Gilberto has tired of them.

Gilberto is entirely loyal to the Venolese republic, is popular with the citizens of Giotta in spite of the aforementioned sordid allegations, and does have some military ability. Unfortunately, however, his personal behaviour swings between periods of ideleness and periods of energy; while his personal pride, and a tendency to be jealous and protective of his family’s honour and status, leads him to sudden outbursts of bad temper.

Given Giotta’s geographical position in Venola, relatively distant from the centres of real power and influence, Gilberto’s political weight is less than he might believe it to be; and his actual military experience remains, in spite of his age, on the weaker side of average.


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