Roberto Baldini

Arms of the Baldini family

ROBERTO BALDINI, b.1424. Eldest son of Gilberto Baldini, and heir to his father’s lands and title as Count of Giotta. However, Roberto has inherited neither good looks nor good nature from his father. His moods are most often dark-toned, and on the whole he is rather stupid. In spite of that, he is considered to be loyal, and fairly reliable as a soldier as long as he is given clear and straightforward orders to follow.

Within the town of Giotta and the surrounding countryside, his ageing father’s duties as magistrate have been largely devolved to Roberto, who has gained a reputation for being merciful in that role and thus he is not unpopular. In his personal life, on the other hand, he is revenge-prone and can be cruel, especially to his wife, Chiara, who must endure the succession of his mistresses. Secretly, Roberto is a coward, and he will go to some lengths to disguise this fact.


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