Dario Baldini

Arms of the Baldini family

Dario Baldini, b.1429; younger son of Gilberto Baldini. Like his elder brother Roberto, Dario is a gloomy individual with a womanising streak. However, having suffered facial disfigurement in a fire, as a child, he remains both unmarried and embittered. Giotta’s prostitutes know him well, and gossip of his reputation as a skilful lover, yet they also know that he will do his best to avoid actually paying for their services. On the other hand, he is an easy man to bribe.

Although intelligent, and capable of a certain dark and cynical wit, Dario is rather inept in both the military and political fields (perhaps as well, given his faults). Even so, he has some experience in both, as a consequence of his aristocratic privileges; privileges that he likes to flaunt in an arrogant manner. Physically, he is a coward, but he will go to considerable lengths to protect and preserve himself and his own best interests, supported by a degree of low cunning. Given the opportunity, he has a tendency towards disloyal intrigues.


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