The 2nd Styrenian War – background

Date: First day of the Month of the Boar, in the year 335.

In the year 295, King Anaxatos of Pramanda, turning his eyes upon Styrenia to the south of his empire, upon its fertile lands and its wealth, sent an army under the Satrap Mahaba to conquer that country. But the Styrenians, a stubborn people, stood firm behind the walls of their cities and towns, resisting Mahaba’s advance; and they sent for aid to King Meleagros of Kavalla, the empire that lay to their west.

Thus the Kavallans first came to Styrenia, and at last in a great battle beneath the ancient walls of Habordah the Pramandan army was shattered, and Mahaba himself was taken captive.

Styrenia, after, became first a protectorate of Kavalla, and then was incorporated as a province of the Kavallan empire. Forty years have passed since the Battle of Habordah. Now, trouble stirs again.

A new king, Vajnayar, has been enthroned in Uttara to the east. He has set his heart upon glory and conquest, wishing to expand his realm into Styrenia’s rich valley. Meanwhile, to the north, Anaxatos has passed over to dwell with his ancestors, and his son Anaxerxes desires revenge for the humiliation of his father. Birds have flown between the palaces of Pramanda and Uttara, bearing messages between the two kings.

Beneath the paths of the birds’ flight, Styrenia lies unsuspecting. Yet, wise men always fear the approach of war, and prepare themselves accordingly in the times of peace.


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