King Vajnayar’s dream

“I saw two great golden serpents that rose up before me, and between them stood Utila the Many-Breasted. She drew me into Her embrace, and then She carried me up into the sky.

As we flew high above the sacred earth of Uttara, She gestured towards the blue expanse of Gargolis Bay, and She said to me, ‘The waters of the bay belong to Uttara, for all time, from the eastern cliffs to the western marshes, from the river’s mouth to the open sea. All belongs to Uttara and to the Kings of Uttara, as does all the land around, by my gift and thus by divine right’.

Then a ray of golden light struck from behind me and, piercing my heart, shone forth from there to cast itself like a spear against the walls of Marash.

And thus I awoke, radiant with the promise and the duty laid upon me by Utila the Many-Breasted, Herself”.

Recorded by the King’s own hand, on the 2nd day in the Month of the Boar, the year 335.


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