Campaign chance cards

Given that my existing campaign rules have been in use for several decades, I’ve decided it’s past time that they were revamped. For a start, I’ve taken a look at the system of chance cards. As I mentioned previously, said rules are largely based on Tony Bath’s venerable book, Setting Up a Wargames Campaign, and so inevitably the core of the chance cards are the ones mentioned in that book. However, I’ve been adding to them.

I’ve also decided that I actually need two sets of chance cards – one tactical, for use on the tabletop, the other a strategic set for use at the campaign level. More on the tactical chance cards later, as I’m still working on those. Really, I’m still working on the campaign cards too, but at least I’ve progressed further with those, to the point that I can actually make a set to play with.

The rule for the campaign cards is simple enough – one card to be drawn at the beginning of each campaign month. Dice rolls add some random detail to whatever event transpires, and also decide where and exactly when it does so (I’ve drawn up a chart for that – wargamers are fond of charts – though it’s a roughly sketched one as yet and largely unreadable in my handwriting).

Anyway, here’s a list of the campaign chance cards as they stand right now.

Border raids.

Coastal raids.

Migration/refugee crisis.

Minstrel spreading tales.

Bandit attacks.

Disaster at sea.





Heavy rains.

Peasant revolt.

Urban riots.



Bumper crops.

Religious revelation.

Crop damage.

Efficiency in the treasury.


Discovery of new resource.

Treachery in high places.

Forest fire.

Sex scandal.


Sudden unexpected death.

Religious riots.

Enemy spies uncovered.

Fraudulent quartermaster.

Intelligence network success.


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