The gods intervene

I’ve had a prolonged absence from much practical gaming activity – and hence from this blog – for several weeks due to work and family commitments. But I have still been trawling charity shops, and doing a little rule writing and planning, so things have not been entirely stationary. And I’m back, in any case.

Best secondhand find of the past month has to be these two old boardgames, both fondly remembered from playing them in the early 1970s – Buccaneer and 4000AD.Buccaneer

Weird thing. It’s been in my mind for a while that I’d like to track down these two. I’ve checked Ebay from time to time to look at copies, and pondered putting in a bid on a couple of occasions. When I found these copies, they were next to one another on the same shelf; almost as though they’d been put there for me to find! Maybe I should offer up my thanks to the gaming gods…


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