New year, new projects

Like, I suspect, most wargamers, I begin any new calendar year with resolutions for the months ahead, and especially a stack of new gaming and modelling projects queuing up to get started. I have all the usual sort of wargamer resolutions, obviously – reducing the size of the lead-and-plastic mountain of unassembled miniatures, getting around to painting all those 15mm Napoleonics and the SAGA Irish warband I acquired last summer, actually playing that copy of Campaign for North Africa that I bought in the early 1980s, that kind of thing.

But I’m thinking that it might help me to stick with a few of my planned new projects if I flag them up here, in the full glare of public view. That way, at least guilt or embarrassment may kick in and ensure that I make progress with them.

First off, a new 15mm Ancients army, the Carthaginians. These should have a blog post to themselves in the near future, but I’ll just say for now that it’s been in the back of my mind to build up a Carthaginian army for nigh on twenty years. I never quite managed it, until a few weeks ago I discovered that my local hobby shop is now stocking the excellent Xyston Miniatures range. A flurry of impulse buying ensued. And now Carthaginians are awaiting their turn on the assembly line.

A very different project – and the immediate inspiration for writing this blog post, as it happens – has come with this morning’s post. Gaslands (published by Osprey) is the latest in a family of games involving post-apocalyptic vehicles fighting for control of resources, or roads, or just for the hell of it. I still have my copy of Car Wars somewhere, though Battlecars was lost along the way, and have retained a fondness for this kind of scenario that was only fuelled (excuse the pun) by the release of Mad Max: Fury Road a couple of years ago. Gaslands, by all accounts, reinvigorates the genre. It also gives me a fine excuse to go foraging for battered old Hot Wheels cars in the local charity shops, and to spend hours happily converting them into suitably tooled-up monstrosities. Gaslands

Then there are some new (to me) games to figure out and play. I have eight Blood Bowl teams in the collection, enough for a league. My mother bought me a copy of Guild Ball as a Christmas gift. I may not leave the house for the next twelve months.

The last objective that I’ll mention here, for now, is that I intend to crack on with some determined terrain making this year. It’s always been a weaker point in my modelmaking, but with a little help from YouTube tutorials – not least from the brilliant Terrain Tutor – I’m hoping I can get to grips with it. In my head, at least, I have plans to build a Celtic hill fort, and some boards for Malifaux.

There you have it. I’ll still be trying to whittle down the aforementioned mountain of unmade miniatures, making progress with the ongoing campaigns, and certainly digressing into a multitude of other gaming directions. Somehow, in between, I might even manage to do some work.


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