The Dice Must Be Loaded is my personal hobby site.  A bit self-indulgent of me, really, and I’m sure the audience for this isn’t likely to go beyond a couple of friends who share some of my interests and obsessions, but that is surely in the nature of blogging.

Anyway, the subject of this blog is primarily wargaming, although other games will be accounted for alongside that (for some strange reason, I am quite fond of games based on sports, even sports I don’t actually like in real life).  And I’m a “wargaming tart”, I suppose, meaning that I play with a variety of scales and historical periods with some fantasy and sci-fi thrown in for good measure, RPGs, miniatures and board games, and I am even known to push cardboard counters and paper figures around a tabletop.

Over time, I’m hoping the blog will act as a kind of ongoing record of my games, from one-off scenarios to long-running campaigns, of experiments with rules, the trials and tribulations of assembling and painting miniature armies and fleets, some “reviews” of games and miniatures and publications old and new, and of some rather nostalgic musings on my forty years plus (so far) engaged in this hobby.  My ability to photograph miniatures will hopefully improve, also…